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About the Course

INFO I101 Introduction to Informatics and Computing is an exciting class that gives students a hands-on approach to understanding and using technology. This course teaches basic concepts in the field of Informatics and Computer Science, focusing in particular on subjects that will prepare students for more advanced coursework with the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.

Specific lecture topics taught include problem solving techniques, information theory, career panels, and research areas within the School. A lab component teaches basic technology skills in the areas of web design, media computation, and a basic introduction to programming.

Lecture and laboratory work together to prepare students by providing a basic foundation and general knowledge within the realm of informatics and computer science.

INFO I101 also counts as a GenEd Natural and Mathematical Sciences Requirement.

The promise of Seeing Tomorrow

See how Luddy is fulfilling the promise

Course Objectives

Technology Awareness

Students will have a general understanding of technology: they will recognize and be critical of technology and how it exists in their lives.

Problem Solving

Students will have the ability to evaluate, process, and create solutions to real world problems using different methods.

Teamwork Experience

Students will have the ability to understand how to use effective communication skills and work within a group.

Skills Gained

Academic Excellence

To practice effective 21st Century Skills by engaging in group work, delivering in class presentations, and writing critical essays about technology.

Social Consideration

The ability to identify, evaluate, and critique the impact of technology on society/culture, over time, and into the future.

Basic Data Proficiency

The ability to understand and transform "data" into meaning and actionable knowledge.

Abstract Thinking

The ability to apply critical and logical thinking to solve real world problems.

Practical Applications

The ability to use and apply computational tools to solve real world problems.

Technology Fundamentals

The ability to identify and explain different parts of technology (key terms, basic theories, etc.).

Problem Deconstruction

The ability to evaluate the nature of a given problem.

Prerequisites: None!

There are no prerequisites for the course! An interest in learning about technology (and how we interact with it) is all that you need.


We do not require any physical materials for the course, but we do highly recomment taking advantage of free storage services offered by IU for your assignments in the course. (And outside of the course!)


Google at IU provides all faculty, staff, and students with access to Google Apps such as Docs, Drive, Sites, Sheets and other Google Apps. Use your Google@IU Drive to keep your files safe and secure. This also keeps version history of your files.


OneDrive at IU provides all faculty, staff, and students with access to file storage. Use your OneDrive@IU Drive to keep your files safe and secure. This also keeps version history of your files.

Cloud Storage

Authorize your Google@IU and OneDrive@IU accounts and they will be accessible as drives when you login to any UITS STC computer. (Like the ones in your lab!) This makes saving and accessing your work super easy around campus and at home!

Registration & Drop/Add/Waitlist

If there is a waitlist for the course, we must wait for the waitlist to run at the end of the first week of classes. After that Saturday, students may process an eAdd/Drop to add the course. We only approve eAdd requests through the second week of class; it is the student's responsibility to make arrangements for completing work right away.

Students will only be added to the course if there are physical spots left in the lab/lecture selected. Physical space is based on fire code and other Indiana University policy.

Added late?

If you add the course late, checkout the course schedule right away and follow up with your Lab Instructor if you have any questions. It is your responsibility to do this! If an assignment is not past due at the time you enroll you will not receive an extension.

Missed a lecture or lab?

Course Attendance Policy

If you missed a Lecture Check or a Lab Check, see the Canvas Announcements.

INFO I101 Intro to Informatics & Computing
Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
Indiana University Bloomington

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